How do we handle End-User Accounts?

Your end-user don't need to create an account at Sleekplan itself

Updated over a week ago

We often get asked, if your end-users need to create an account at Sleekplan. Or if there is any account created if you use a single sign-on.

So to make things clear. There are two different types of user accounts at Sleekplan.

Admin and Team Members: First, there are user accounts for you (as an admin) and your team members, and these accounts allow you to create a Workspace (Product) and administrate the application from the backend. Each Product (that's how we call Workspaces at Sleekplan) is a completely separated entity. We do not share anything between those workspaces.

Your End-Users: Now, you can embed the widget into your product or using the standalone page. We act as a service provider, that manages the app for you. Your end-users, that may create accounts on the widget or the page, do not have an account at Sleekplan itself - only inside your very own Workspace. The users or the user data never leave your field of accountability, and we will never get in touch with them (except the emails we send in your company's name). So they may not even notice that (e.g. the widget) is an external application - especially if you also use a single sign-on. Accounts at Sleekplan itself are exclusively for administrative purposes (Team members and admins).

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