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Installing Sleekplan
How to add Sleekplan on Webflow
How to add Sleekplan on Webflow

Adding the Sleekplan widget to Webflow is really simple

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So, you just signed up to Sleekplan and you are ready to add the widget code to your Webflow website? Great! This page will help you add Sleekplan to Webflow seamlessly.

Here is how to retrieve your code snippet:

  • Navigate to Settings > Widget / Website on the admin app

  • You see a dark box containing your ready-to-use code snippet

  • Copy the code

Add the code snippet to Webflow

In the Designer of your Webflow project, click the Pages icon from the left toolbar. Under Static Pages, click the gear icon to edit the page you’d like to add Sleekplan to.

  • Go to your Webflow project

  • Go to your project's setting

  • Click on Custom Code

  • Paste the Sleekplan Widget In the header code

  • Publish your site for the selected domain

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