User Segmentation

Segment users to see feedback and satisfaction based on user groups e.g. paying customers, ...

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The user segmentation helps you to filter feedback to groups of users you care about. By default, we collect some information about users that you can use on our segmentation feature to create groups. You can find this information on user profiles (Navigate to Dashboard > Contacts > select a Contact)

However, you may need some more information about your customers. You can add custom information by using our single sign-on feature or pass that information using the setUser({}) method on our JavaScript SDK. Here are some examples:

  • User Role

  • $MRR

  • Lifetime Value

  • Plan

  • Trial

You can see custom data at the bottom of user-profiles below the custom information we collect.

Create your first Segment

Navigate to Settings > Segmentation. You will see a list of available fields for segmentation. Now, if you have passed some custom user information, we can add these here, too.

Add custom fields for segmentation

Select 'Add field'. You need to fill the following three fields:

  • Field name: A human-readable name for that field. (e.g. Subscribed Plan)

  • Identifier: That's the ID you've used on the single sign-on or SDK to pass that field to Sleekplan (e.g. subscribed_plan). Make sure it exactly matches the term you've used on your backend.

  • Type: Can be 'String' or 'Numeric'

Create a Segment

Now you can use all available + custom fields to create user segments. Segments can be decided into different groups. Each group has two match types

  • All = All the following rules need to be matched.

  • Any = Any of the following rules need to be matched.

Now you can add a rule for each field. Select the field you want to include and assign a condition. We have three different types of fields:

  • String

  • Numeric

  • Date

Based on the type you will see specific conditions.

Proceed with all the fields you want to include in this segment and select 'Save' when you are done.

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