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Internal Discussions & Comments
Internal Discussions & Comments

Team only comments will help you to discuss posts with your team or assign further actions

Updated over a week ago

Internal Comments offer the opportunity to collaborate with team members — sharing information and setting expectations while simplifying the custome's experience. They also are a helpful tool for documenting follow-up that occurs outside of Sleekplan.

Adding Internal Comments

The internal comment feature can only be used from the admin dashboard and is only available to team member. If a user other then team member is mentioned (@username) inside a private comment, there is no notifications send out to that user, nor can he see the comment anywhere.

  • To add an internal comment, user the usual comment form you'll see on each post and unselect the "Public" toggle.

  • Enter text to leave a comment for the team. To mention or direct your message toward a certain team member, type the “@” followed by the team member’s username.

Internal comments appear inside your public discussions, they are grey highlighted with an "INTERNAL" badge on top.

Internal discussions in context

You can use internal discussions everywhere on your comments section, even as a reply to a comment by some end-user. This helps you to keep the internal team discussions in context, when you refer to a specific comment, for example.

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