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Does the embedded widget affect my page loading time?
Does the embedded widget affect my page loading time?

Widget Performance and SEO impact

Updated over a week ago

We are constantly looking for ways to optimize the performance of the embedded Widget so that you can offer the best possible embedded customer feedback experience. Our goal is to do this with the smallest possible impact on your website.

In fact, the widget shouldn't impact your page loading time as well as SEO benefits. You will notice that we only load the required SDK JavaScript files (10.62KB) through a CDN. The Widget itself loads when a website visitor first selects to open the widget, which means it won’t block the rest of the page from loading, so your visitors can do what they came for as quickly as possible. That said, we acknowledge that the JavaScript required for the Widget will take a bit of time and resources for browsers to download, parse and execute. To help ensure we have as little impact as possible on your website load time we deliver this over a high-end CDN powered by Amazon Webservices.

The Widget architecture is also optimized for caching, so once it has loaded on your website once for a visitor, on subsequent page loads, the Web Widget will load even more quickly.

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