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Use Single Sign-On (SSO) for all Identity Providers

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Single Sign-On (SSO) is the most frequent requirement by enterprise organizations looking to adopt new SaaS applications. SSO enables authentication via your organization’s Identity Provider (IdP), such as Google Workspace or Okta.

At Sleekplan we offer the option to authenticate via your organization’s Identity Provider for back- and frontend usage.

1. Backend Authentication

This option allows your admins and team members to authenticate themselves in the admin area of Sleekplan via their identity provider.

2. Frontend Authentication

With this option, you can share your board exclusively with employees in your company. Public access to the board is closed and protected with the SSO procedure of your identity provider.

List of supported Identity Provider

Don't see an Identity Provider you need? Contact us to request an Identity Provider!



  • Auth0 SAML

  • Azure SAML


  • CyberArk SAML

  • Duo SAML

  • Generic SAML

  • Google OAuth

  • Google SAML

  • JumpCloud SAML

  • Keycloak SAML

  • Microsoft OAuth

  • Okta SAML

  • OneLogin SAML

  • PingFederate SAML

  • PingOne SAML

  • VMWare SAML

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