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How to Disable Emails Sent by Sleekplan

If you are looking to disable all emails sent by Sleekplan, you can easily do so by choosing one of the options below:

  1. Globally disable all emails by accessing Settings > General ( and activating the "Disable email notifications" toggle. Please note that this action will also halt emails to admin accounts.

  2. Individually disable email notifications for each user by navigating to their user account, accessing the Edit section, and deactivating the email notification toggle. Remember to save the user account after making changes.

  3. If you're using Single Sign-On (SSO), you can pass a parameter with your SSO token: {notify: false}. By integrating this parameter into your token generation code, email notifications will be disabled for the user.

How can I remove the Share button from the Feedback board?

Head to Settings > Website > Website Settings, then navigate to the Appearance section (or access it directly here: From there, you can disable the "Share buttons" option, which is the last one listed.

How do I update a contact's name or email address?

You can manually update the name via the admin interface by selecting a user account and clicking on update. Alternatively, a simpler approach is to pass the updated parameters through the Single Sign-On token.

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