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Customize your boards appearance, change colours, logo and remove branding

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It’s easy to customize the Sleekplan Widget and standalone page so that it feels completely at home on your product or site. Follow the 3 simple steps below to set up your custom appearance successfully:

First, navigate to Settings > Widget.

1. Set up your In-Product Widget

  • ( 1 ) Choose whether you want the widget to appear on the left or right side of your website.

  • ( 2 ) If you want to open the widget via a custom button, you can disable the native button on your website.

Native Feedback Button

In the case that you have the native button activated, you can make some settings to customize it.

Native feedback button
  • ( 3 ) The button can be displayed in the bottom, middle, or top part of the page.

  • ( 4 ) You can choose between the default (large) or compact style.

  • ( 5 ) Show a smiling face instead of your product logo on the button.

  • ( 6 ) Custom button text (ie. Suggestions, Feedback, Changelog...)

Custom Button

In the case that you have the native button disabled, you can use your own HTML element to open the widget. All you have to do is to add the data-sleek attribute to that HTML element (e.g. <button data-sleek>Suggestions</button>)

2. Set up your Standalone Page

At this time, you cannot customize the standalone page.

3. Style

Navigate to Settings > Widget and select 'Widget settings'

In the "Design & Branding" section you can quickly change Sleekplan to adapt the style of your application.

  • Brand Color

  • Switch between light and dark theme

  • Hide the 'we run on Sleekplan' branding

On the "Navigation" section you can choose to hide specific navigation items like the Roadmap or Changelog. This won't remove those modules from the frontend, you can still direct link to them or open them via the $sleek SDK.

4. Custom text & language

Sleekplan lets you customize many customer-facing text blocks. So even if your language is not supported yet, you still can change a lot of the content on the widget.

In some cases, it makes sense to use other terms than the default ones. Assume you are a creator using Sleekplan to keep the community up to date, you may want to change the term 'Changelog' to 'Updates'. And of course, you can do so.

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