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Effortlessly track the feedback you get from other channels

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In some cases, you may receive feedback and suggestions from outside your feedback board. For example, let's say you have a meeting with a customer who is interested in a feature that is already posted on your board. In that case, you can manually create an upvote on behalf of your customer to keep them in the loop about any updates.

To vote for a post on behalf of your user, navigate to Feedback > and open a post. You can manually add voters on each post by tapping the "Select user" button on the "Add Voters" action widget, which you'll see on the right-hand side of your post.

Type in the email address (or @username) of the customer who would be interested in this post. If the email matches with someone on your contact list, they will be listed below as a suggestion. Otherwise, you can type in a new email and select "Create" to add a new user. The new voter will get notified via email of status updates.

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