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Importing Feedback

Importing posts to Sleekplan

Updated over a week ago

Currently, there is no menu item to import posts from another source. However, this functionality is embedded in the Sleekplan system already. Therefore, we can take over the import process for you. All we need is a CSV, XML, or JSON file with the following fields.
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  • title
    (String) The feedback title

  • description
    (String) The feedback description (can be blank)

  • category
    (String) The feedback category slug

  • email
    (String) Email address of the creator


  • votes
    (Number) Number of upvotes

  • created
    (YYYY-MM-DD) Date the feedback was initially created

  • status
    (String) The feedback status slug (e.g. new, in-progress, ...)

  • username
    (String) Username of the creator

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