Setting up a custom email sending domain

Send email from the address of your company, or from any custom email address

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Email domain can be used to use your domain branding for all emails that Sleekplan sends to your end-users. Also, your users will be able to reply to your emails directly to your domain (except from comment replies).

Below we will explain how custom email sending domain works, and how to setup it.

By default, your Sleekplan product name is set as your outbound email address ( This is the address we use to send emails to your end-users.

default outbound email

1. Change your email address

If you would like to use your own custom email address for your outgoing emails, navigate to Settings > Email and enter the email address you want to use in the input field.

⚠️ Important: We’ll email you to verify your address shortly after you save this option. You'll also need to verify your domain with a DKIM record.

After you have clicked the link we send to your email address, you will see an "active badge", right next to your email address.

2. Verify your domain DKIM Settings

If you choose to send email in Sleekplan using your own email address, you must verify your domain. To get this done, we use a technology called DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to sign the messages we send on your behalf. Email clients can verify these signatures against the DNS record you set up for your domain. Learn more about DKIM.

Navigate to Settings > Email: This page contains the information you'll need to configure the DNS records of your sender address.

Many DNS providers will only ask you to fill in the name of your subdomain: This means for they may expect you to enter 435gfd32324dsgsd3._domainkey as the name of the record. Your domain provider's documentation should explain this in further detail.

If the DKIM verification status changing to active, you are completely set to send emails from your custom email sending domain.

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