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Create Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) popups
Create Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) popups

Learn how to set up in-app Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) popups to gather valuable feedback from your users

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The first step is to make sure that you have installed the in-app widget. This widget is necessary for displaying the CSAT popup to your users within your app. If the widget is installed, you can follow the steps below to create one or more popups.

  1. First, navigate to the Popups settings page by going to Settings > Popups.

  2. On the Popups settings page, you will see several sections for different types of popups. Locate the Satisfaction section and click on "Create new" to create a new CSAT popup.

  3. You will now see three different sections for configuring your CSAT popup: Display conditions, Advanced display conditions, and Content.

    1. Display conditions: In the Display conditions section, you can specify who should see the popup. You can choose to display it to visitors, users, or both. If you choose to display the popup to users, make sure that you have set up single sign-on so that you can identify your users. You can also set an initial delay, which is the time before the popup is first shown to a user, and a follow-up delay, which will be used for subsequent popups.

    2. Advanced display conditions: In the Advanced display conditions section, you can specify which URLs the popup should appear on using the INCLUDE URL option. You can also use asterisks (*) as wildcards to match multiple URLs. If there are any URLs where you do not want the popup to appear, you can specify them using the EXCLUDE URL option.

    3. Content: In the Content section, you can specify the SATISFACTION ID, which is the identifier used to track the popup on the analytics dashboard. You can also enter the QUESTION field, which is the question that you want to ask your users, such as "How would you rate our onboarding process?"

  4. Once you have configured all the settings for your CSAT popup, click "Save" to apply your changes. Don't forget to activate your popup by setting the switch to "On" in the first section of the Popups settings page. This will ensure that the popup is displayed to your users according to the conditions that you have specified.

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