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Changelog Notifications: Keeping Your Customers Informed
Changelog Notifications: Keeping Your Customers Informed

How to use Changelog notifications and the notification queue

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The changelog feature in Sleekplan offers two different methods to notify your customers about updates and changes. You can choose to use both methods or opt for either one based on your preferences. This article will guide you through the two notification options: E-Mail Notifications and In-App Announcements.

E-Mail Notifications

E-Mail notifications are a convenient way to inform users who have subscribed to your changelog updates. By enabling the "NOTIFY SUBSCRIBER" setting in the post creation form, you can control whether email notifications should be sent or not.

To activate email notifications for your changelog updates, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new post in the Sleekplan changelog.

  2. In the post creation form, locate the "NOTIFY SUBSCRIBER" setting.

  3. Toggle the switch to turn email notifications on or off.

Once enabled, only the users who have subscribed to the changelog updates will receive email notifications about the latest changes. This ensures that your users stay informed without overwhelming those who may not be interested in receiving frequent emails.

Notification Queue

The "notification queue" is a special feature that allows you to consolidate multiple updates from a single day and send them as a single email notification. This feature comes in handy when you have multiple updates within a day and want to avoid bombarding your subscribers with multiple emails.

Here's how the "notification queue" works:

  1. Create posts for each update throughout the day as usual.

  2. Enable the "NOTIFY SUBSCRIBER" and "notification queue" switch in the post creation form for each relevant post.

  3. Sleekplan automatically collects all the updates marked with the "notification queue" switch enabled.

  4. At 10:00 UTC the following day, Sleekplan sends a consolidated email containing all the updates from the previous day to your subscribers.

Utilizing the "notification queue" ensures that your subscribers receive a comprehensive summary of the previous day's updates, promoting a better user experience and reducing email clutter.

In-App Announcements

In addition to email notifications, Sleekplan offers the option to make in-app announcements using the Sleekplan JavaScript SDK. With this feature, you can directly communicate the latest updates to your users while they are using your website or web application. πŸ‘‰ Learn more about In-App Announcements

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