Install the Sleekplan Widget

Install the Sleekplan widget on your web app

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It only takes you a few minutes to install Sleekplan on your website. Once installed, youโ€™ll be able to collect feedback, suggestions and share your roadmap and changelog. The Widget is easily customizable to suit your brand.

Install the JavaScript code

After creating a Sleekplan account, navigate to Settings > Widget on the admin dashboard and copy the code snippet. The snippet is pre-populated with your unique product ID, so it's ready to go:

Paste the code right before the closing </body> tag of every page where you want the Sleekplan widget to appear.

How to install the widget on:

  • HTML pages

  • WordPress

  • Shopify

  • Cloudflare

Identifying Users:

Read our help page on "Identifying end-user" to learn more about how identifying users work. Two basic options can be found below.

  1. Pass a single sign-on token
    If your customers already have user accounts in your application, you can allow them to log in to your feedback widget using our Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism. How t use Single Sign-On (SSO)?

  2. Identify the user via identifying metadata
    You can set user information for the current session. You can also set customized values for the user via this method. > Docs

    $sleek.setUser ({
    mail: '',
    id: '<ID of the user>',
    name: '<name>',
    img: '<path to profile image>',
    weight: any number from 1 - 10
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