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Setting up Categories

Get started with custom categories

Updated over a week ago

You can create as many categories in Sleekplan as you need. A category can be used on both, the feature voting board and the changelog. Using categories helps you to structure the feedback you receive and the updates you send. By default, there is one category called Features.
We recommend creating a category for each area where you would like to collect and discuss feedback on your feature voting board. Think carefully about your categories, as choosing the right categories will make it easier for you and your end-users to use Sleekplan. (An example: You have a SaaS company and collect feedback. You could think of categories like Integrations, Bugs, General Suggestions, Features, and so on.)

Also, creating categories especially for your changelog makes it much easier for your end-users to filter updates easily and directly see what this update is about. (You could think of categories like NEW, IMPROVED, or FIXED)

To create or edit a category navigate to Settings > Statuses on the admin dashboard. Here you can find a list of your available categories. Behind each category, you can see if it is enabled for the feedback board, changelog, or both.

You have several options:

  • Add or delete: Select the "Add Category" button to create new categories or delete a category by selecting the trash icon.

  • Change color: To change the color, select the color plate icon. You can choose from a predefined list of colors or set a custom one using the hex code field.

  • Change name: You can change the name by selecting the gear icon.

The option to show or hide a category on the feedback board or changelog is also accessible via the gear icon. You can not hide a category from both - Feedback board and changelog!

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