Localize Sleekplan

Localize Sleekplan to work with your preferred language

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We know it's important to serve international end-users in their common language, and we work hard to get Sleekplan translated into as many languages as possible.

You can find a list of supported languages on our feature page. Feel free to reach out to us if you need Sleekplan in another language.

Change the language

Navigate to Settings > Widget and select Content from the menu. In the upper area, you can select one of the predefined languages. This will change your

  • Content on the widget and standalone page

  • End-user notification emails

Customized content areas are not automatically translated. You need to make sure that you change the custom content in the next step at the lower part of the page as shown below.

ℹ️ Sleekplan is translatable on the customer-facing parts (widget, standalone page, customer emails) only. The admin dashboard, admin and team notifications, and emails are available in English only.


Q: Is it possible to set up multiple languages?

A: You can set only one language per product. This has the simple background that, having multiple languages mixed would destroy the idea of feature voting. Mixing languages would cause you to lock out a portion of your international customer base from feature voting because they are uncomfortable with the language. That's why we treat each language as a separate product/workspace.

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