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Enable Reactions for your Changelog Updates
Enable Reactions for your Changelog Updates

Let your user react to Changelog updates

Updated over a week ago

You can give your users the option to react to your Changelog updates. Reactions allow users to leave a smiley face reaction and text comments (private, only visible to account admins and team members). This is a great feature to understand what your users think about your recent updates.

Enable Reactions

  1. Navigate to > Settings

  2. Scroll down to the 'Changelog section'

  3. Enable 'Reactions'
    โ€‹(For Reactions the Satisfaction Module must be enabled. If the toggle is not available and you see 'Module disabled, enable the Satisfaction Module on the top of the Settings page.)

  4. The 'Number of reactions' dropdown lets you choose whether to use 2,3 or 5 Reactions below the Changelog update.

Find user reactions to your updates

The average reactions are displayed right next to the update in the Admin app. You can view all reactions and comments by clicking on the button next to the update as well as via the Satisfaction Dashboard > Data records.

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