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Intercom Integration

Track feedback and send posts from your Intercom Messenger

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Sleekplan for Intercom allows you to create new and send existing posts to your users in all conversions. You can also embed your feedback board, roadmap and changelog directly on your messenger home. Sleekplan uses the Intercom user information to automatically sign-on users on your board - fast and simple.

Install the Intercom integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Find Intercom and press "Install"

  • Authenticate Intercom

Setup your Messenger home

To add the Feedback Board, Roadmap, or Changelog to your Messenger home, go to your Messenger home settings, and choose who you’d like to add apps for, then click ‘Add an app’:

  • Navigate to > Messenger on your Intercom Dashboard

  • Scroll down to the "Add apps to your Messenger" section

  • Select who you'd like to add apps for (visitor, user)

  • Select "Add an app" and choose "Sleekplan"

  • Select which pages you want to add (Feedback Board, Changelog, Roadmap)

  • > "Next step"

  • (Optional) In the next step, you can set a Title, Description, and Button text for each page. You can also leave this blank to use the default ones.

  • Repeat all steps above if you want to add Buttons for another audience (e.g. Users)

Create Posts from Conversations

  • When users give you feedback in conversations, track it in Sleekplan by selecting the Sleekplan icon.

  • Next, you can create a new post on behalf of the user.

  • Select "Add new"

  • Fill in the Title, Description and select a Category

  • > "Submit feedback"

  • Let your customer know that their feedback has been tracked.

You can also send existing posts to your customers and give them the option to subscribe to status updates.

  • Select the Sleekplan icon

  • Search for an existing post

  • Select a post to create a card that can be sent to your customer in conversations!

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