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Azure DevOps Integration

Easily link Sleekplan feedback posts with Azure Work items and keep status updates in sync

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Sleekplan's Azure DevOps integration is a powerful tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate your feedback management process with your development workflow. With this integration, you can easily create new Work items or link existing ones with your feedback posts, so you can push feedback to Azure DevOps without ever leaving the Sleekplan platform.

This integration allows you to keep track of feedback from your customers and stakeholders and turn them into actionable items for your development team. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and improves the efficiency of your workflow.


  • Create Work items from within Sleekplan

  • Link Sleekplan posts to existing Work items

  • Sync status updates from Azure DevOps to Sleekplan

  • (optional) Sync status updates from Sleekplan to Azure DevOps

1. Install the Azure DevOps integration

  • Allow third-party applications to access your organization: Navigate to the Organization settings for your Azure DevOps organization. Click Policies in the left sidebar. Toggle the Third-party application access via OAuth option to ON.

Azure DevOps Organization settings

⚠️ Make sure you have enabled "Third-party application access via OAuth" in your Azure DevOps Organization settings.

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Search for Azure DevOps and press "Install"

Note: The integration requires a 1 to 1 relationship, which means that one Azure Organization will be linked to one of your Sleekplan workspaces. If you have given access to multiple Azure Organizations, you can choose one from the Integration settings at Sleekplan later

  • Press "Connect Workspace" to continue

  • You'll get redirected to Sleekplan. Now, if you have multiple Workspaces at Sleekplan, you can choose one to connect to Azure DevOps

  • Press "Connect", to finish the setup!

2. Configure the Azure DevOps Integration

To access the settings for your newly set-up Azure DevOps integration, navigate to:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Search for Azure DevOps and select "Settings"

Switch the connected Azure Organization:

If you have provided Sleekplan with access to multiple Azure DevOps Organizations, you can choose which one Sleekplan should use to create and link Work items. To switch the connected workspace

  • Select > "Settings",

  • Frome the "Select Organization" dropdown, select the organization to connect.

  • Press "Save settings"

Sync status with Work items:

The Sleekplan for Azure DevOps integration comes with a two-way sync feature. So if you update the status for a Work item in Azure DevOps, we will push that status update to the linked Sleekplan post(s), and optionally if you update the status at Sleekplan, we will update the linked Work item in Azure DevOps. To be able to use the status sync, you will need to map your existing Azure DevOps statuses with the statuses used at Sleekplan.

Once you have installed the Azure DevOps integration, we pull all available Projects from your Organization.

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Search for Azure DevOps and select "Settings"

  • You will see all available Projects in your connected Azure DevOps organization. Now you can turn on status sync for each of your Azure DevOps Projects.

  • Press "Save settings" to load the available statuses. The statuses need to be mapped for each "Work item type" in each "Project" you activated.

  • After you have saved the project settings, you will see a list of statuses grouped by "Project" > "Work item type".

  • Now you can map every Azure DevOps status to one of the Sleekplan statuses. If you want to skip a specific status, just select "None".

  • Once you're completed, press "Save settings" and Sleekplan will immediately start to listen for status changes.

(Optionally) Sync status updates from Sleekplan to Azure DevOps.

By default, status updates are synced from Azure DevOps to Sleekplan. If you want to sync status changes in Sleekplan back to Azure DevOps, you need to enable the "Two-way sync"-toggle.

⚠️ If the "Two-way sync" is enabled, you need to make sure that there are no status mapping redundancies. I.e. if you have a "Waiting" and "Doing" Azure DevOps state mapped to the "In progress" state at Sleekplan, we will skip the status sync back to Azure due to duplication.

3. Using the Azure DevOps integration

Now that you have installed and configured the Azure DevOps integration, you will find a new sidebar widget on each post, that lets you create a new Work item or link posts to existing Work items in DevOps.

1. Connect a Sleekplan post with an existing Work item

  • Open a post (not in preview mode)

  • Find the Azure DevOps module on the right sidebar

  • Search for a Work item using the Work item title

  • Press the search icon next to the input field, or press ENTER

  • Select the Azure DevOps item you want to link to the post

  • Done

2. Connect a Sleekplan post with a new Work item

  • Open a post (not in preview mode)

  • Find the Azure DevOps module on the right sidebar

  • Select "Create new item"

  • Fill in the details for the Azure DevOps item and press "Create"

  • Done

3. Unlink a Work item

  • Open a post (not in preview mode)

  • Find the Azure DevOps module on the right sidebar

  • Select "Unlink work item"

4. Keep track of linked posts on Azure DevOps

When you create or link a Work item to a feedback post, a backlink to the Sleekplan post will automatically be added as a comment to your Work item, so you can quickly jump back to Sleekplan to get more context. Also, each post linked to, or created by Sleekplan will get the "Sleekplan"-tag assigned

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions to our Azure DevOps Integration.

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