Adding Teammates

How to add, remove or delete a teammate?

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To add or delete a teammate, you can click here to go directly to your product settings page, then scroll down to the teammates' section. You can also navigate there by choosing 'Settings' from the left menu on your Admin Dashboard.

Add a teammate

Now, click the 'Invite team member' button in the bottom left

To add one or a few teammates, just enter the email address of the teammate or teammates (comma separated) you'd like to invite, and click 'Send invitation'.

Your invited team members will receive an email. This can take up to 10 minutes, make sure your team has checked their spam folder.

Your team members can sign up via the sent link and will be directly assigned to your product.

How to remove teammates

Before, you delete a teammate you should reassign feedback owned by the user. Comments, feedback and changelog updates created by your teammate will not be removed. Once a teammates is removed you can not reassign comments, or feedback created by that user.

To remove a teammate, navigate to settings > teammates section as described above, then click the trash icon behind that user. You may have to confirm that operation.

Once your teammates data are fully removed from your product, all posts and comments are signed to a user called "deleted<rand>".

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