Slack Integration

How does the Slack integration work?

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The Slack integration lets you receive notifications about user interactions in your Slack channel. You can even create new posts and changelog updates from there.

How do I link Sleekplan to Slack?

You can link your existing Sleekplan workspace to Slack, by enabling the Slack integration:

  • Login or create a Sleekplan account

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Search for "Slack" and install the Slack plugin

  • Choose a Slack channel where you want to install the Sleekplan integration and authorize Slack by selecting "Allow"

  • Follow the instructions to connect Sleekplan to Slack:
    ​You'll get redirected to Sleekplan. If you have multiple workspaces, you can choose which workspace you want to connect to Slack. (Your latest workspace is preselected. However, you have the option to choose a workspace from the dropdown list)

Done, the Slack integration is now ready.

Change events you want notifications for

Navigate to Settings > Integrations and search for "Slack". Now that you have installed the integration, you will see a settings link below the Logo. Select "settings" and choose the events you want to get notifications for.

Which shortcuts are available?

You can create new posts and changelog updates right from Slack. Here is the list of the available commands, that you can use.

/sleekplan help to get help
​/sleekplan post to create a new post on your board

/sleekplan update to create a new changelog update

Can I have multiple workspaces linked to the same Slack channel?

No, at this time you can connect one workspace to a channel

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